Upcoming Events

September 2017
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Computer Class 2:00 pm

Rock Kindness-Decorate Rocks 5:00pm

Story Hour   10:00 am

Paws to Read     4:00 pm

DASH for the Stash: Investing and Finance        5:30 pm

Dark Days @ Crenshaw House Book Talk and Signing               2:00 pm

Embroider's Guild Stitch In                        2:00 pm

Computer Class 2:00 pm

Personal Safety Class                  6:00 pm

Story Hour        10:00 am

TAB                             3:30 pm

DIY Puzzle Craft 10:30 am

Adult Coloring Night                             5:00 pm

Computer Class 2:00 pm

Family Movie Night 5:00 pm

Story Hour        10:00 am

Computer Class 2:00 pm

Family Game Night 5:00 pm

Story Hour                        10:00 am

TAB                      3:30 pm

Zumba Class      5:30 pm

September 2017
9/5 Rock Kindness-Decorate Rocks
9/7 Paws to Read
9/7 DASH for the Stash: Investing and Finance
 9/9 Dark Days @ Crenshaw House Book Talk and Signing
9/11  Embroider's Guild Stitch In


Personal Safety Class


DIY Puzzle Craft


Adult Coloring Night


 Family Movie Night


 Family Game Night


 Zumba Class
Story Hour: Join us every Thursday during the school year @ 10 am for Story Hour. There will be stories, games, crafts, playtime, and snacks!
Paws to Read: In conjunction with the Mayfield Animal Shelter this special program allows children to read aloud to a therapy dog or cat for 15 minutes. Patient, nonjudgmental pets help reluctant readers gain confidence and comfort with reading. After all, a dog will not correct them or make them feel awkward if they stumble.* Parents will need to fill out and sign a waiver before their child can participate. This program is open to children in grades K-6.
Rock Kindness: Decorate Rocks: Decorate one rock for yourself and one to give to another! Rock kindness!!! Supplies will be provided! Sign up at the library if you would like to participate!
DASH for the Stash: Investing and Finance: Learn about investing, and enter for a chance to win $1,000 IRA contribution. Dr. David Durr, who holds the Arthur J. Bauernfeind Endowed Chair in Investment Management at Murray State University, will be speaking on investing and finance here at the library. He holds a Ph.D. in finance from the University of North Texas and earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin. There will be four DASH for the Stash posters on display in the library through September. The posters each have a QR code and a web link to a quiz that individuals will access to answer questions and participate in the contest. The posters cover four key topics: finding financial advisers, avoiding fraud, understanding investment fees, and building a nest egg. The easiest way to play DASH for the STASH is to use a smartphone or mobile device to scan each local poster’s QR code, but you also will be able to use a desktop computer at our library. One statewide winner will be chosen in a random drawing of eligible participants who logged the correct answer for all four posters. The DASH for the STASH program is being launched in Kentucky by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions and the nonprofit Investor Protection Institute (IPI).  We are excited to be involved in this innovative program to make use of our venue to help educate local investors. 
Zumba Class: Dance yourself into shape at the library with zumba instructor Sherry Monroe.
Family Movie Night: Join us as we watch as an adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. Free Drinks and popcorn will be served.  Children under the age of 10 should be with an adult.  We will also have games to play along with the chance to win a prize.
Dark Days @ Crenshaw House Book Talk and Signing:  About the Book: Dark Days @ Crenshaw House is historical fiction. A modern day mystery intertwined with stories based on John Hart Crenshaw and his family home once known as the Old Slave House located in Gallatin County, Illinois. He used slave labor at his salt works near the Saline River. Crenshaw was accused but never convicted of slave trading and breeding. Two couples, friends since college, plan a weekend getaway at a rural bed and breakfast. The "dark days" of Crenshaw House both past and present are uncovered. It is a story about the history of people and places from the 1800's until present day and a warning about unscrupulous websites that can ruin lives. Readers will learn about slavery, natural landforms such as the Saline River, Cave-in-Rock, and Garden of the Gods. The mystery lover will enjoy the venture to uncover the truth of past and present secrets. Everyone will benefit from the warning about internet predators. Secrets revealed, a crime stopped, and a glimpse into the past make Dark Days @ Crenshaw House educational and entertaining.
Embroider's Guild Stitch In: We will have many beautiful stitched projects of all sizes and techniques for your viewing. Learn to stitch with Murray and Paducah members of the Embroiders Guild of America.
Personal Safety Class: Jeremy Prince, from the Graves County Sheriff’s Department, will teach an instructional personal safety class at the library. He will cover the topics of situational awareness and demonstrate how to defend yourself. 
:You will have the chance to make your own puzzle! Supplies will be provided! Sign up at the library if you would like to participate!
Adult Coloring Night: Stop by and relax with some stress relief coloring! Refreshments will be served!  Everyone is welcome so you won’t want to miss it!!
Family Game Night: Spend some time as a family playing games such as · Clue · Monopoly · Apples to Apples Jr. · Blink · We will also have a Wii set up to play console games. Kids under the age of 10 should be with an adult. Prizes will be given away.