Location & Contact

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Library Management:

Director: Deana Gschwind                                                                    Phone: 270-247-2911 Ext. 2                                                                          Business Manager:/Karla East                                                                      Phone:270-247-2911 Ext. 3

Library Staff  By Department:

Susie Cain: Youth Services Librarian                                                 Phone: 270-247-2911 Ext. 4                                                              Elizabeth Brown: Family/Adult Programming Librarian                             Phone: 270-247-2911 Ext. 6                                                                            Tessa Sanders: Teen Programming Librarian                                             Phone: 270-247-2911 Ext. 7                                                                 

Melissa Collins: Technical ServicesLibrarian                                             Phone: 270-247-2911 Ext. 5                                                                            Sandy Hennessee: Bookmobile Librarian                                            Phone: 270-970-9071               


Part-time Staff:

Nancy Cole: Library Assistant/ Circulation Manager

Vi Kibler: Library Assistant 

Kacey Carrico: Library Assistant

Chryss MacGowan: Library Assistant

Le Nisha Flatt: Library Assistant 


Circulation Desk:
(270) 247-2911 Ext. 1